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All Bills paid apartments for rent in ada oklahoma

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Common reasons to rent an all bills paid apartment

There’s more freedom with renting an apartment. Whether you want to relocate for a job, a love interest or simply want to see what life is like on the opposite coast, renting provides more flexibility.

Attempting to sell a house, especially in a down market, can be complicated and time consuming. Whether you have a year lease or a month-to-month, the logistics of renting are less confusing.

Are you the type of person who hates mowing the lawn or shoveling snow? A landlord often provides these types of services. While homeowners are digging out from a snowstorm or battling crab grass, you can be skiing or relaxing in a deck chair.

As a homeowner, you’re not only responsible for snow removal and lawn care. You’re responsible for everything. Whether it’s a broken hot water heater or a malfunctioning dishwasher, things are going to need to be upgraded or replaced. You’re not responsible for maintenance costs when you rent. All you need to do is call the landlord when something goes wrong.

Many apartment complexes have so many amenities the place resembles an all-inclusive resort. From tennis courts and swimming pools to fitness centers and children’s playgrounds, many renters have these amenities on location. It’s safe to say that most affordable homes don’t come with a tennis court.

Homeowners are also saddled with property taxes if the monthly mortgage and maintenance costs weren’t enough. These taxes fluctuate depending on where you live. No property tax means more money in the bank, or at least more money in your pocket to do the things you want to do.

Do you want to live in a luxurious neighborhood? You have a better chance of affording rent in a posh neighborhood than you do of buying a house.

Some apartment complexes offer referral bonuses. Is there anything better than referring a friend, then getting a check in the mail. You get a cool neighbor and free money.

There are often numerous apartments in an apartment building, and this increases your chances of meeting new people and making friends.

Many apartment complexes are gated and have their own security and video surveillance. This will not only give you peace of mind, but save you from having to buy a high-end security system for your home.

When you rent, you’re not responsible for maintenance costs. Many apartment complexes have so many amenities the place resembles an all-inclusive resort. No property tax means more money in the bank, or at least more money in your pocket to do the things you want to do.

Apartment For Rent in Ada, Oklahoma 74820

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All Bills Paid Apartment For Lease

all bills paid apartment for rent in ada ok

All bills Paid Apartment #9 has been rented

This is a 2 story with a loft style bedroom apartment for rent. The best feature of this apartment is that it sets by itself in a stand alone building. You get the benefits of living in an all bills paid apartment without sharing walls with your neighbors. There is a nice sized living room, dining area, and kitchen on the first floor. Halfway up the stairs there is a loft area that makes a great play room or bedroom for the kids. Upstairs there is a bedroom and bathroom. This apartment has covered parking for your vehicles. This all bills paid apartment includes your water, sewer, garbage, electricity, and natural gas. You are responsible for providing your own cable television and internet. This apartment is located in a quiet neighborhood in Ada, Oklahoma down the street from the Ada Junior High. There are several activity centers within two miles of this property. The main street shopping area of Ada is less than a mile from this property. This includes several shopping boutiques, banks, restaurants, and general shopping. This apartment always seems to rent fast because of its location and size. Call Kevin Johnson today at 580 399 0740 if you are interested in leasing this all bills paid apartment.


This all bills paid apartment for rent

In Ada, Oklahoma Is Available Today

Call Kevin Johnson today at 580 399 0740 to see this apartment. Kevin can help you with any of your rental matters you might have. Download your rental application here or Kevin can bring you one when you meet.

We have provided this map to help you locate this ALL BILLS PAID APARTMENT for rent at 118 West 18th Street ada, Ok 74820

Apartment For Rent One Bedroom at 611 S Stockton

Format Image

Apartment for rent 1 bedroom in ada, oklahoma

All three of these apartments are currently rented

This one bedroom apartment for rent in Ada, Oklahoma is located in a quiet neighborhood close to the Ada Junior High. There are three apartments in this triplex. Each of these apartments has a living room, kitchen, bathroom, and separate bedroom. The house has a metal roof and vinyl siding so your utilities will remain low. We pay the water, sewer, and garbage for you. When you rent this apartment, you will be responsible for paying your own electric and natural gas. Please give Kevin Johnson a call at 580 399 0740 if you would like more information about this apartment or any of our other rentals.

One Bedroom Apartment for rent. Call Kevin at 580 399 0740

One bedroom apartment for rent at 611 S Stockton Ada, Oklahoma 74820

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The map above should help you locate this 1 bedroom APARTMENT FOR RENT at 611 S Stockton in Ada, Oklahoma 74820



Rent an Apartment in Ada OK from 580 Rentals

Important Things to Consider Before You Rent an Apartment

Renting a new apartment is an exciting thing, but it can also be
overwhelming. As you make plans to move house, you’ll need to carefully
consider your own needs, as well as the needs of your partner, pets, or
family members if you have them.

Renting an Apartment can be exciting.

before you rent an apartment…

Keeping your budget in mind, ask yourself the following questions:

Are Utilities Included? The price of water, sewer, electricity, and heat
can dramatically alter the price that you pay for housing. As you
consider apartments to rent, keep these prices in mind and be sure to
ask property managers about the average price of these utilities in your
area. If any of these utilities are included in the price of an
apartment, it may be wise to bump that particular rental to the top of
your list. Living in an apartment with reduced utilities may help you
save money for other living expenses, or for purchasing a home in the

Choose a safe neighborhood for children.

What Type of Neighborhood is the Building In? Before you sign a lease,
it’s important that you take the neighborhood into account. Do you feel
safe living there? Will you feel safe allowing your children to walk
through the neighborhood on their way home from school? Take a look at
the surrounding neighborhood during the day and at night before you sign
the final papers to rent an apartment. Pay attention to how well
surrounding properties are maintained, the types of vehicles that are
parked in the area, and whether or not you see children playing on local
playgrounds. You might also consider asking individuals in area stores
or on the street how they feel about the area.

Is There Enough Light? Pay careful attention to how many windows and
doors your apartment has. Does it get natural light at all, or will you
need to bring in lamps? Are there overhead light fixtures in the living
spaces and bedrooms? In many modern apartments, there are no overhead
fixtures and tenants must instead use lamps. Carefully assess the
lighting in each apartment you’re considering and decide if it’s enough
for you and your family. If there isn’t enough light, make a plan for
what you’ll need to pack and how you’ll need to proceed.

What Floor is the Apartment On? Before you rent an apartment, you may
also want to consider the floor it is located on. If you’re young,
healthy, and have no small children, an apartment on the eighth floor
may be fine.

However, if you’re elderly, disabled, or are lugging a car seat while
carrying a toddler, you may want to spend some extra time to locate an
apartment that’s a little closer to the ground floor. Remember, you’re
going to be making this walk multiple times per day most days, so it’s
wise to carefully consider the number of stairs that you’re willing to

Ask yourself about these things before you rent an apartment, so that
you’re well prepared before you sign a lease. Once you sign, you’re
committed to the building for at least a year, so it’s important to
carefully weigh your options.

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